The brand Danya Marou was founded in 2020 by Danya Marou, although the brand existed in her dreams long before that. She studied Fashion Design and Fashion Business at Columbia College Chicago to acquire every skill needed to launch the perfect modest wear brand. Now, Danya Marou is a highly successful brand started off by a small dream into a worldwide modest fashion brand. 


The core of our brand is inspired by you. The everyday woman who faces the daily struggle of wanting to dress on trend but doesn’t want to compromise her modesty. This brand is meant to ease the struggle of searching for modest clothing. Through each and every design, we hope to empower women who want to dress modestly and in style. You shouldn’t have to compromise your modest needs for your style needs, which is why Danya Marou was perfectly curated just for you! We are committed to not only meeting your fashion needs but also providing you the best experience through our top rated customer service.


We are passionate about bringing you high quality products from our luxury fabrics, trims, and embellishments. Your style needs are our top priority which is why we bring you completely unique designs and silhouettes. To preserve the uniqueness and high quality of our brand, our pieces are very exclusive. You will never find our pieces anywhere else because all of our designs are custom to our brand. 


We take great pride in all of our products being made ethically in the USA including fair wages and safe work environments. You can confidently wear our clothing knowing that it was made ethically with love. You can always depend on us for transparency behind the making of our products. 


This brand is designed by someone just like you, who wants to be in style and modest. You no longer have to worry about what you’re going to wear because our brand is dedicated to meet all your needs. We want to be there with you through all of life’s moments, no matter the occasion, we’re there to have you covered for whatever your wardrobe needs. Make every occasion a special occasion with Danya Marou, so you’ll always look and feel luxuriously modest.